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CHILDLINE project is a national help line for children in distress operational through a common toll free phone number - 1098. Don Bosco Ashalayam runs CHILDLINE in West Delhi and is one of the five Collaborating NGO's for Delhi CHILDLINE. The project is supported by the Minstry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. Since its inception in 1998, Delhi CHILDLINE has collectively responded to more than 9 lakh calls concerning children in distress.
Our Objective
We at Ashalayam follow a six- stage rehabilitation process to ensure that the children who are under our care, benefit the maximum.

To make Children aware of the need to be responsible in Society and to help them choose
a trade or education to mould their future.
To sensitize collateral agencies like the Police, Hospitals, Railways and Schools, towards the problems faced by children and to develop necessary intervention strategies.
To provide the general public an opportunity to respond to children in need.
To provide a platform for networking among like minded organizations to create a child friendly atmosphere in the zone. To Provide a free forum for children? to xpress? themselves.
To respond to children in difficult situations and refer them to various services available in the city.
Awareness Strategy
DBA CHILDLINE organises a number of poster campaigns, door-to-door awareness programmes, rallies, open house meetings, children's mela, street campaigns in slums and market places, presentation at all the police stations of our zone, presentations at various schools and church gatherings, carol singing in the month of December etc, to create awareness among the general public regarding the childline services.
As CHILDLINE grows more and more popular among children, police, social service organizations and the general public, the need for adequate resources has also been on the rise. To tackle this need DBA CHILDLINE conducted a survey of West Delhi Zone to find more organizations, which are willing to collaborate with us. Thus we came in contact with, Auxilium Snehalaya, Jeevan Jyoti, Sharan , Kisley,Deepashram, Nirmal Hriday, Jeevodaya, Asha Niwas, Holy Cross Social Service Society, Sishu Bhavan, Shakti Shalini, Deepalaya, YWCA,
YWCA Najafgarh, Premdan, Sweet Home Najafgarh, Joint Woman Programme, Chetna, Umeed, Indicare, St. Stephen Hospital, Sarvodaya, Sweet Home, Caring Foundation, Swanchetan Society for Mental Health, Nai Asha, Pererna Niketan, Nav Jyoti, Samadhan, Kadam, Sarthak, All India Women's Conference, Bal Vikas Dhara, Karam Marg and Child Watch India.
Networking With the Police

The law enforcing agencies have realized that Childline is a real help to them in tackling the problems involving children and frequently ask Childline interventions for shelter, repatriations and tracing out of missing children. Many training programs like the National Initiative of Child Protection (Police Personnel) Training Programme is arranged, to make the Police Personnel aware of the Juvenile Justice Act 2000, Objectives of Childline and better collaboration between the Police and Childline.

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